Building The Association

The goal of the Electric Bike Association is to be a leading market research resource for the business to consumer focus of the US pedal-assist, electric bicycle industry. With an emphasis on creating a knowledgebase of customer interests and attitudes, we are able to present findings from the buyer up through the retailer instead of down from the manufacturer.

Before we can present the different levels of association membership opportunities, we need to have the participation of the nationally recognized manufacturers and importing distributors help us build the structure for the research goals and the consumer outreach campaigns.

With the implementation and success of the first national experiential consumer marketing tour, the Electric Bike Expo has drawn in a healthy number of companies that are excited about the opportunities and who share our vision. So we are on our way.

Three Different Membership Categories

We are starting with the bike manufacturers and import distributors who are nationally recognized and have a permanent business presence in the US. Many of the leading companies have become part of the association through their involvement in the Expo series. Included in this group are the manufacturers of OEM parts and accessories that have a direct relationship with the electric bike market.

The next category is the independent bicycle dealer who has committed to selling electric bikes along with their traditional lines. Even more focused are the exclusive electric bike retailers who have not seen much interaction with the traditional bicycle supplier community. Here we are seeking to engage with the shop owners to gain feedback from the customers while we work with partner organizations like the National Bicycle Dealers Association to present educational opportunities to help the retailers build “best practices” and sales skills.

The third category is the consumer enthusiast who is excited to follow the pedal-assist, electric bike community and become an ambassador of sorts to help get more people to experience the fun of “legal” electric bicycles. For you, our goal is to send regular digital newsletters as well as to publish a quarterly magazine that becomes one of the benefits for your support. 

National Consumer Campaign

Besides the extensive consumer market research that the association will conduct and report on, the next most important objective is to develop cooperative advertising campaigns that reach beyond the traditional cycling community and introduces the concept of electric bikes to targeted demographic groups through traditional magazines and news portals that reach large national audiences. The plan is to raise funds to afford ad placements in leading travel and lifestyle publications as well as family oriented magazines. Reaching out through non-endemic media outlets is the best way to reach our growing audience.


Supporter Benefits

Surprisingly, there are lots of companies who would like to meet you and offer discounts and preferential treatment because you are interested in electric bikes. We are seeking ways to include them into the benefits package that you the supporters of the Electric Bike Association would find valuable. The emphasis is on travel, social networking, bicycle insurance, and more. The new quarterly magazine will highlight these benefits and give you valuable content to help you find more uses for your electric bike.

Stay tuned as we will have more to say and will let you know when we officially open the different membership levels.