Membership Options

The Electric Bike Association is designed to accept qualified electric bike manufacturers, distributors, and importers to build consumer awareness of this product category through marketing, advertising and promoting to the non-endemic media outlets, and direct consumer market research. We also want to embrace retailers and peripheral electric bike industry providers and vendors, with a goal of building a strong education platform that services the growing customer base. The qualifications are straightforward. They require the companies to have a permanent US business presence with all of the proper licensing, insurances, product certifications and have been so for more than one year.

Different Levels For Different Needs

The association offers different levels of membership to allow companies to meet their specific needs.


Building A Niche Through Consumer Outreach

Many of our organizations join because they are part of the association’s leading experiential marketing tool, the Electric Bike Expos. They participate as a sponsor and/or an exhibitor that travels the country to demonstrate their products in exchange for important consumer data and feedback. Their goals are similar to ours in the fact that they want to spread the exciting word of electric pedal-assist bicycles to as many consumers as possible.