An Introduction to Electric, Pedal-Assist Bikes

Taking the mystery out of the technology

Even the idea of supplementing the power necessary to pedal a bicycle has created a fair amount of controversy among the most ardent enthusiasts, but the reality is that legal electric  pedal-assist bicycles have the ability to allow millions of active people to return to riding a bike without the challenges of being in top physical form, or attempting to overcome an issue with knees or hips that have kept you from riding any bike in the first place.

Blended with today’s advanced technology and backed by some of the industry’s most influential names, the latest round of bicycles offering the ability to flatten hills and carry additional loads are worlds apart from the DIY creations and flimsy imports. These bikes are built extremely well, offer the latest in parts technology and comes with extensive warranties and support.

The most important statistic that comes from researching thousands of consumers is that after test riding just one qualified electric pedal-assist bike 65% came away realizing how much fun they were to ride. The second statistic that stands out is how 52% said they could not believe how much easier it was to climb hills.

Pedelecs as they are typically referred to, do not speed to excess levels and are basically there to supplement the rider’s ability to ride longer, tackle different types of terrain and to bring back the enjoyment of recreational bike riding for everyone. These assisted bicycles expand your abilities to run errands, cut your commuting costs, and even transport kids to school with the right type of bike.

There is a difference between bikes in terms of design, quality, serviceability, durability and warranty so make sure to investigate before becoming an eBike owner. Also, just like traditional bicycles, there are many different styles and features that are designed for a variety of rides. From mountain bikes, to beach cruisers figure where you plan to ride the most and start your search there.

The Electric Bike Association is here to help. We leave the technical jargon up to the many different review sites and online groups to describe, compare, and concentrate on the experience and stories where consumers just like you have found success incorporating eBikes into their regular routine.


Cargo eBikes: The pickup truck of bicycles

Fairly common in Europe, the Cargo electric bike offers a new level of capacity that moves kids and stuff with ease.

Learn About The Inner Workings

Come learn about the latest electric drive systems that power many of today’s leading electric pedal-assist bicycles. See this display inside the Bosch pavilion in the midway at the next expo.

Dealer Education

The National Bicycle Dealers Association will be using four of the 2017 Electric Bike Expos as a regional classroom to teach shops about the benefits of selling and servicing electric pedal-assist bicycles.