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About The Electric Bike Association

The Electric Bike Association is a member-based non-profit corporation designed to be the industry voice to the consumer for the legitimate electric power-assist bicycle.

The Electric Bike Association is the only business to consumer organization within the North American bicycle industry dedicated to the eBike community.

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Electric Bike Expo

Industry Partners

With our focus being exclusively on the consumer, we work with many different cycling organizations ranging from national industry trade groups to leading advocacy non-profits. We have special relationships with the National Bicycle Dealers Association, People for Bikes and the California Bicycle Coalition.

At the state and local level, we work with coalitions and clubs, as well as government officials in charge of local transportation agencies and economic development.

Additionally, we work with the leading news and information portals to remain abreast of the most current electric bike news stories.

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As this site is designed to provide you with general news and information to get you up to speed on the benefits of electric pedal-assist cycling, we are your source of the latest stories on the benefits of riding an eBike, the best places to ride an eBike and how others are using their eBikes to enhance their life or business.

We provide great content and stories and links to great sites for more information.

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